Hard Times at The War Room in Seattle

by queercultureclub

Hey, we thought you should join us at Hard Times if you’re in the Seattle area! There’s free BBQ. Really. Lovely, lovely people run this event, and really lovely, lovely people attend it. Show love.

This Alchemical Trans-Modern weekly is brought to you by the same family of artists and producers that brought you Tasty Shows, Hot Mess, Lemon Twist, Kiss My Ass, Spice, ARO.Space, Caliente and all kinds of messed up shit.
Why Get through it, when you can get in2it!

Hard Times Seattle

Who needs one kind of Music, when you can Make Love to all of it! Electro, hip hop, House, Three and Up =Mash-Ups, Indie Rock, Glam Rock and 80’s Jams. With Rotating DJ’ s L.A. Kendall, Mathematix, Curtis, NaHa and Pony Boy. Guest DJ’s every week and LIVE performance every third Wednesday!