Lissy Trullie Needs Something Else

by queercultureclub


Kinda into this review/rant on Lissy Trullie:

“Dear God. Talk about resting on your hipster laurels, Lissy Trullie! I first heard about this androgynous snore from hipper-than-thou Nylon magazine. Curiosity mixed with boredom implored me to listen to some of her music. Verdict? zzzzzz. (Is that the thing that’s used to signify sleeping?) I get it. She’s cute, edgy and an L.E.S. Artiste! But please. Try to make music that sounds remotely interesting. The sound of her songs is so bizarrely dated. It sounds like leftovers from some unremarkable guitar-pop band from the 1990’s. I’m all for 90’s nostalgia but bands like Sun 60 and Spin Doctors don’t deserve a revival. NEXT.”


Still hot, though.